30 Amp RV vs 50 Amp RV


What is the difference between a 30 amp and a 50 amp RV electrical system? In this RV how-to video Mark Polk, with RV Education 101, explains why you can use more electricity in an RV with a 50 amp service then you can in an RV with a 30 amp service.
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  1. Andres Acosta
    Andres Acosta says:

    If you have 50amp RV and use a 30amp to 50amp dogbone because RV park only has 30amp service…will the panel inside your RV feed both Main Breakers since you need 2 hot legs? As far as I know 30amp service only has 1 hot leg, so does this Dog bone split that 1 Hot leg coming from 30 amp RV service into 2 hot legs that plug into the RV?

  2. Tanya Broeckx
    Tanya Broeckx says:

    I live on a lot with 2 other rv'ers. 2 of us have 30amp and the other has 50 amp. Is it right that we split the hydro in 1/3's? If not how should it be split or should I tell them they have to put the 30amp plug on their rv?

  3. Troy McConaughey
    Troy McConaughey says:

    I disagree with using a 30 amp to 50 amp adapter you'll only get 3600W. You will get 50 amps (6000W) since the each hot leg of the 50 amp service is wired with a 50 amp circuit breaker. All the adapter does is drop a hot leg. Not sure if it matters. A dedicated 30 amp RV can only use 30 amps since the main breaker inside an RV is wired for 30 amps maximum (unless you swap it out with a larger circuit breaker).

  4. Paolo Martini
    Paolo Martini says:

    The RV internal main 30A breaker would probably trip if total internal load exceeds 30A even when plugged in to a 50A line. So 30A is single phase between hot and neutral with ground. Since the 50A is two phases @ 240in between and 120 to neutral and ground then the adapter to 30A must be using only one phase out of the two. I will ring it to confirm. One must be disconnected internally. At this point if that is what happens I wonder about phase balance from the 50A external service line. If ten 30A RVs plug in at the 50A connector with an adapter and all use only the same one leg off of the 240 it could create a balancing problem in the service line. Interesting. Thanks for the video. I will have to check now.

  5. Madden Master
    Madden Master says:

    I notice that 3 things 30 amp plug years ago in State park ..where they make u paid same price even if u are tent camping .. I found a old 3 thing plug and wire and then connect a couple of 110 plug box… So now tent camping I got electricity for tv,VCR ,light small heater or what ever …HA ha nothing like roughing it ..lol

  6. snackman
    snackman says:

    Comment & a question. So if you use an adapter to plug in a trailer that has a 30A plug into a 50A receptacle then any electrical draw above 3600 watts would trip the main breaker in the trailer. However if by some bizarre chance the main (30A) breaker should fail then being plugged into 50A receptacle would then pose a danger. Normally the 30A breaker on the pedestal is your backup in case your main 30A breaker fails.

    Question: When you plug an RV that has a 50A plug into a 30A pedestal (using a dog bone adapter) are both 50A legs receiving electricity or is just one of the 50A legs receiving electricity?


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