2020 NEW caravan preview: Elddis, Compass, Xplore & Buccaneer


I make it to the 2020 season preview for Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer caravans.

This video includes:
Elddis Avante 454 & 868
Elddis Affinity 520
Elddis Crusader Storm
Compass Casita 454
Compass Casita 868
Compass Capiro 520
Buccaneer Aruba
Xplore 554


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  1. Stephen Little
    Stephen Little says:

    I like the way you can show to a novice what's good and bad about the model of caravan. Like when you walked in and said look no were to put you keys and stuff. Perfect some folk would not have thought if that, and the other about putting your shoes on the shelve. Thanks. Hope your still Enjoying England. Ring my Bell.

  2. Bashfuldoc
    Bashfuldoc says:

    I've stopped over from Cruising the Cut!
    The "L" situated sofas make it feel less crowded; wall space for a TV a bonus. Shoe storage is a must! I think that they all should have the cubbies by the door for sun glasses, gloves, keys and sun screen. Hooks for coats would be a necessity! I liked the addition of the towel bar in the shower. A deep sink is a must have. Nicely made.
    Are they insulated for very cold or hot weather?

  3. muddymarvellous
    muddymarvellous says:

    I notice than the L shaped vans whilst sat down you face a wall..We are in our caravan at present and out of that window I can currently see the sky line and trees as far as the eye can see

  4. AlaskaErik
    AlaskaErik says:

    I do not like the bunkhouse next to the main bed setup. In the US the adults would have a 60×80 inch bed up front with access to the bed from both sides, meaning no crawling over your partner to get in and out of bed. Since 60×80 inches is also the same dimensions as a residential queen size bed, it means you can buy fitted sheets anywhere. The bunks would typically be in one corner of the back, so there is plenty of separation between adults and children. So the layout I saw was not anything I'd want. Refrigerators also tended to be quite small. Mine is 8 cubic feet, with the freezer having its own door. I'll let you do the conversion to metric on the size. Many of the trailers I saw had a single axle, where in the US only very small trailers are single axle. A double axle setup is much more stable. Bathrooms did tend to be quite spacious, which is a plus for a tall person like myself. Although I'm not sure how much headroom there is in the shower. Trailers in the US tend to have a skylight over the shower, so even a very tall person can stand upright.

  5. Don Brackenreg
    Don Brackenreg says:

    That tiny toilet area where you just about had to cross your legs to sit would be absolutely useless to me – 1.8m tall and 124kg – even if I left the door open it still looks too small.

  6. pmailkeey
    pmailkeey says:

    I'd change the springs in all the door catches – they all creaked ! They'll be so annoying at night when going for a leak and trying not to disturb anyone else ! You're so very much into your materials whereas I'd be looking at practicality – like the table stowed in the cupboard – at the hinge side – so the door would need to be wide open to get the table out – where as if it was on the other side, you could get the table out with the door open only part way.
    We didn't get to see how the seating area changed into more beds – it looked like the bench cushions would need turning round so that the fatter parts under the knees when sitting would actually be against the wall in bed mode.
    I'm going to next watch your cooking in a caravan vid – microwaves hadn't been invented when we were caravanning and if we had an oven, don't recall it ever getting used!

  7. Chris Figiel
    Chris Figiel says:

    Hi Karen great vlog its nice to see different styles of caravans ,I like the L shape lounge,it does look more
    homely ,I like the towel rail which pulls down ,brill idea as its out of the way ,on the ceiling.

  8. jay b
    jay b says:

    the musical door handles of the last one made it sound cheap and cheerfull and if you have a area near the windows for phones were there any charging points?

  9. Craig Joyce
    Craig Joyce says:

    Hi Karen I liked the first one. Did you know that the bloke who started Elddis Caravans his real name is Siddle so all he did was to reverse his name as it sounded a better name to call his company xx

  10. G Henrickson
    G Henrickson says:

    This is a fun look at some caravans for sure. Subtitles advising what model we are about to look at or perhaps a few more seconds footage of the exterior of each (for positive ID) would be helpful. Thanks for the video!

  11. Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson says:

    We are currently looking to purchase the Elddis affinity 574 or Compass Capiro 574 on the specification inside and out also we have to consider the MTPLM as we don't want to change our tow car we like a few more but the restrictions on the tow weights has limited the scope of the type we want we will decide at the caravan show in Birmingham in October and look for a deal Thanks for your time in the UK i have followed you when you were back in New Zealand Loved your shock at the technology in the Peugeot 3008 loan car and your sleepless nights reading the instruction manuals on the Caravans (PS in UK you can get Sat Navs for caravan drivers to take you away from most of the small roads)

  12. Eddie Downes
    Eddie Downes says:

    Hmmm, don’t worry when someone comes along with negative comments, and definitely don’t alter your style. I like it because it is different. You show enough to give me a flavour of what is there, if I want more I will look for one of the more detailed model reviews that will be along, or even go and look myself at one. Although well past the bunks stage I am not sure the combined bunk and bed area would have suited when we had kids of bunk age and size. It’s probably ok for someone who changes vans every three or four years, with kids between 3 and 8 years. Showers, the thing I look for is can I do the funky chicken, many are on the small side. But, as with all leisure vehicles it will be about the compromise. We now have a motorhome where the wheel arch intrudes into the shower area – it’s not ideal but everything else works for us so that’s our compromise. Keep these general overviews going, but try to ensure the new or novel is covered in them if you can. Safe journeys, and keep smiling.

  13. Katz 29
    Katz 29 says:

    Hi Karen! Having come over from Cruising the Cut, I've binge watched all of your videos now and have enjoyed the journey! I love your video style and you are a great presenter whether it be a new destination, campgrounds, or new types of RVs. I have enjoyed your tour of the UK caravans as they are very different from North American models. Keep up the great journey! Greetings from 🇨🇦 😊👍🏼

  14. Vic Miller
    Vic Miller says:

    The large front seating areas are really nice. Very spacious. They really have added many amenities from campers/caravans in the past. Not a fan of the beds that have the angle cuts on them. They would be fine for one adult, but two adults may be a little tight near the foot of the bed. I was surprised to see all the towell warmers that appeared to be offered. But i did like the wash cloth or towel hangers for after the shower drying. Yes i have to agree on all the color palettes shown. They are very pleasing to the eye. I was womdering how much weight had been added with some of the bigger features on the campers/caravans. All in all i did like features from all of them and it would make it a tuff decision to choose one over the other…thanks for the tour…Vic

  15. actnowone
    actnowone says:

    Yep, the (L) shaped lounges are the best, I have an Elddis Sanremo 304 very small van with an (L) shaped lounge and small dinette at the back, brilliant van but unfortunately doesn’t have a one piece shower/wet room.

    The best vans in the U.K. market are manufactured by Swift who do a great models with (L) shaped lounges, centre dinette, end bedroom and bathroom plus a remote control system you can access using your phone for controlling things like lights, heating, alarm, etc.

    You are certainly getting about 👍

  16. 1122geoff
    1122geoff says:

    Very good review and as usual Elddis do good cosmetically but rubbish quality had a new Elddis in 2012 and problems from 1st year , relieved when traded it in for a new Swift Conqueror 480 , design an quality much better .

  17. Matt From The Shires
    Matt From The Shires says:

    Thanks again for taking us along. I was eagerly awaiting your next video, and you have not disappointed. You have a great style reviewing. Look forward to seeing more. Hope you get to see some more of Britain.


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