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In this video I walk through the 2020 line of Entergra Coach at the California RV show and share the show pricing.

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33 replies
  1. murf
    murf says:

    Andrew Andrew Andrew, you went out to show us the paint, but did not say what it was , what type , how many coats of each stage, thanks for the tour, Love your honesty, and easy going attitude , hope to have you work on my coach one day.

  2. Redjaguar100 Travels
    Redjaguar100 Travels says:

    Entegra has really stepped up their game.. They always had nice paint colors but now, I think they have the eye candy effect. I think it will be interesting to see how all they high coach play out in the future with the buyer slow down. 2020 has brought some very nice stuff to market, I'll wait until 2022 to see if I can get my hands on a slightly used one.

  3. Christopher Jacovino
    Christopher Jacovino says:

    Hey Andrew, thanks for taking us on another great tour! Just a suggestion. a little more details, what is that display that’s on the wall by the half bath . What are the lengths of the coaches, what is the horsepower of the coaches, what Chassis do they sit on? Thanks!

  4. William Lambert
    William Lambert says:

    Love the way you did a walk through all the Entegra line up. Maybe Entegra would allow you to a one hour special instead of a 15 minute walk through, covering the outside and inside, different drive trans. Great job.

  5. Peter Mullins
    Peter Mullins says:

    Nice video, we just bought a 2019 Entegra Aspire 44B, and we love it! we were looking at the Tiffins, Allegro Bus and Phaeton, for the money and options and discount we went with the Aspire. We probably would have gotten a 2019 Allegro Bus, but they were still $100,000 more than what we paid.

  6. bergerc0961
    bergerc0961 says:

    I enjoy watching and learning about rv through your videos.
    Sorry to hear about your coach problems. I was speaking with a 2008 42’ Phaeton owner after seeing your issue and he stated that the water tank issue is listed in one of there recalls. Tiffin repaired the water tank issue with plastic pieces to prevent future problems at no cost to him. If you have not been to the Tiffin plant and paint shop you should very educational and impressive

  7. Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf says:

    You get more bang for your buck with Entegra. Why? because Entegra has a lot of standards with 1 or 2 options. And, you get 2 3000 watt inverters on the Cornerstone and Anthem. Good video Andrew

  8. David
    David says:

    Hello , One thing about these motorhome is there paint jobs are just way over top that's ridiculous I mean most people wouldn't buy a car that looked liked some of motorhome. Sorry the paint jobs look horrible. It's big thing on Facebook these days Gotti looking looking coaches.

  9. charlie
    charlie says:

    Andrew tell how these rv are the price of a home or even more there just four walls and wheels there no propertyI can buy a house for less with more to it and what was its value like an Rv will why does the manufacture actually was the real price not that made a price ever knows Is bogus

  10. charlie
    charlie says:

    Andrew thank you for taking the time out to make this video I must say the should go the extra mile and to hydraulic lifts for the slide outs so there is no carpet in the slides just tile

  11. Rick Ford
    Rick Ford says:

    Hey Andrew! Sorry we missed you at the show. Entegra does a nice job with the cosmetics and finishes you see at first glance, but take a look at the actual drawer construction, etc., next time you do a review. They’re asking over $500k for the Cornerstone, and put glued and stapled drawers in it… We ordered a Renegade Ikon instead.
    Good video as usual bro, Keep um’ coming.

  12. wide awake
    wide awake says:

    Great video again Andrew. I too loved the "blackout button"……Shades down. Totally cool. Very nice. It looks like you had fun. Thank you very much for showing us around the whole price range.

  13. Heidi Clifford
    Heidi Clifford says:

    Andrew, keep the content coming!! Your attitude and love of life is infectious. The music in your videos is bomb. In a world full of negativity and haters you are a total breath of fresh air.

  14. Ian
    Ian says:

    They are certainly not PREVOST MARATHON quality, but they are 1/4 to 1/6 the price, so very nice for a production coach.
    Stay safe Andrew, give Sadie some love for me.

  15. Gene D.
    Gene D. says:

    Beautiful coaches with prices to match. Just a request from one of your subscribers, with regards to the walkthroughs, slow it down just a tick so we can better take in what you are showing and pointing out.

  16. Ger Ger
    Ger Ger says:

    The Interiors are very nice in neutral and I do like the placement of the rear bathroom, as the bathroom acts as a buffer between the Heat and the cold and the rear of the unit plus it helps but the diesel smell. I don't like the colors of the exterior, they're just too much in your face, and I think if Travelers want to stealth Park these in neighborhoods, they stand out too much. They are a showstopper, but sometimes when your stealth camping that's not the best. I wonder how many of these units but carry a gun when they travel. A lot of the placement of these toilets are not too good for either the seniors, the impaired, the overweight, or the RV owners who have artificial knees and hips.

  17. Marc Miller
    Marc Miller says:

    Do a nice job with vids. A little slower when spanning areas would be welcome. ALL are very nice upper level coaches. Amazing what can be done with a motor home/RV when money not so much an issue … Roll on …


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