2019 Unity Murphy Bed


Enjoy a guided tour through the 2019 Unity MB, featuring the optional patented Leisure Lounge Plus, a 68″ × 76″ bed, a three-piece dry bathroom with large stand-up shower, a 39″ pop-up LED TV, and contoured exterior walls. Configure your Unity today: https://leisurevans.com/build/unity/

Explore the 2019 Unity MB: https://leisurevans.com/unity/
Features: https://leisurevans.com/unity/features/murphy-bed
Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/unity/floorplans/
Photos: https://leisurevans.com/unity/photos/
Virtual Tour: https://leisurevans.com/unity/virtual-tours/
Design: https://leisurevans.com/unity/design/
Specifications: https://leisurevans.com/unity/specifications/
Owners: Resources: https://leisurevans.com/owners/

📅 Upcoming dealer shows: https://leisurevans.com/events/category/dealer-shows/
📷 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leisurevans/

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  1. Morten Østad
    Morten Østad says:

    Wow! The salesman is winning! I really don't think rv is my thing. But everything he said appealed to me! I belive he can sell everything to everybody. Give this man a raise! 👌

  2. slimydick23
    slimydick23 says:

    This video reminds me of when Johnny Paycheck sang Take This Job and Shove It. There's that line about "boss just got a brand new flat top haircut, man he really thinks he's cool"

  3. 황술연
    황술연 says:

    TV공간을 없애고.앞유리쪽에 고정시켜.공간활용면에서 유리할듯.샤워실과 화장실 위치를 바꿔 개별적으로 문을 달으면.서랍장을 다용도로 사용할수 있을듯


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