2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX Review | Just How Flexible is This Class C RV?


Look, over in the slide out! It’s a dining room! It’s a day bed! It’s theater seating! No it’s the Unity FX!

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Leisure Travel Vans would like you to know that the “FX” in Unity FX stands for flexibility. Got that? Flexibility. As in two lounges – one front, one back. The front lounge is the start of the show. The rear lounge is the understudy. We’ll get to the understudy in a minute. Let’s talk about this front lounge. Just how flexible is it?

It’s pretty flexible. I counted no less than 5 different configurations. You’ve got two chairs, a couch, a chaise lounge, a dining table for 4 and when you add in a special armrest with cup holders “theater seating”. And that’s all before you put the slide out and pull down the Murphy bed.

I tried each of the seating configurations and yeah, they all worked, kind of. They all involve rearranging a bunch of cushions and sometimes pulling out some wooden extensions from under the chairs to create ottomans for bigger seats for dining. The problem I have with all of this is it really did feel sort of half baked to me. The concept was great but I didn’t see any way to properly latch down the seat bottoms and backs in some configurations. When I sat down cushions slipped around. Everything felt a little tentative – like the cushions could decide to slide out from you at any moment. To be fair there are some snaps along the walls of the slideout to hold the seat back cushions on place there but I didn’t see any for the dining and chaise lounge configurations. So as the star of the show the front lounge is a little disappointing.

The purpose of the understudy rear lounge is to provide a second living area when the Murphy bed is in use and it does do that. But, the lounge is not long enough to be used as a second bed. It’s only a lounge. That’s too bad because when I look at it all I see is a missed opportunity. There is a clever little ottoman that slides out form under the sofa. It can be raise up to be used as a workstation. To use it as an ottoman you grab one of the many cushions and place it on the top of the ottoman. Again, the cushion doesn”t attach and I always felt like I was going to kick it off if I wasn’t careful.

There’s a nice galley with a large pull out pantry and plenty of storage both above and below. A 6.7 cubic foot 3-way refrigerator with a separate freezer is across the aisle and above it a convection microwave. I like all but I found it odd that there isn’t any counter extension which means that prep space is limited. Something that I don’t expect in a 25 foot Class B+.

The bathroom’s just fine. It’s a dry bath with plenty of headroom thanks to a skylight. I also like the Leisure Travel Vans recesses the shower components giving you a little extra space while showering. The toilet is tucked in a corner and when I sat on it I felt squished and I’m not the biggest of guys. My head was also hitting a rack above my head. Again this is disappointing considering I’ve been in smaller class B vans where I didn’t feel as cramped while seated on the toilet (Travato 59K).

The Unity FX is a fine Class B+ (nee Class C). If you really want a Murphy Bed and a second lounge then you should consider it. It comes with loads of standard features and a laundry list of available upgrades including stabilization jacks and a satellite dish. The coach warranty is only 2 years which is disappointing considering Leisure Travel Vans is considered a premium brand.

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  1. Ultramobility
    Ultramobility says:

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  2. Carey Ray
    Carey Ray says:

    Thanks for the video. It’s great and I plan on watching more.

    Just one comment totally unrelated. I’m not your mom, but if you are getting up in the night to go to the bathroom often, get your PSA checked. You look pretty young to have that going on. Your comment about that issue popped out at me as my husband and brother recently have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  3. dphotos
    dphotos says:

    I have seen every Class B van out there and by far Leisure Travel Vans has the best modern design. I would like to see larger RV manufacturers get past the 1980’s dated look. I like the exterior styling too. Recently they have offered a larger garage for bicycles in their Wonder model. I would like to see a pass through that could fit my Vespa 150 scooter. Think they are starting to offer lithium batteries in their concept model. You did a good review. I agree I would like to see seating that does not move when you sit in it. Think they do need the lithium upgrades and I want to see them offer an all wheel drive winterize model. These vans are about $150,000 with all the upgrades so they are a bit pricey. Wonder how Leisure Vans hold their value in the resale market. They have a good network of Leisure owner groups across the country and in Canada.

  4. Fahed Baghdadi
    Fahed Baghdadi says:

    From my info the Mercedes part and laborer charges are outrageous I preferred Ford or dodge were Mentenance are easy all I’ve North America
    What’s your suggestion I on I should go for I appreciate your input

  5. L.J. Robertson'
    L.J. Robertson' says:

    My concern is about the odd sized bed which there are no sheets to fit! there are 60 inch for a queen and then there are king size sheets at 76 x80 regular King, or 80×80 for the California King. None of which is going to fit this bed! I loved the concept and idea of this series of micro coaches, but the second concern is the lack of counter prep area. You can't even turn around to use the table, not really. it's just so small. But the second living area with the couch is great. I guess it depends on personal priorities but the bed is a primary issue and much of the reason people like to take their bed with them when they travel. Decisions decisions…

  6. Harmonious Hypothyroid
    Harmonious Hypothyroid says:

    thank you for making these videos. I just subscribed. I was looking forward to seeing more videos of Class C RVs because I thought the indoor space is more practical for my husband and I. He is tall at 6'3" , if you are I think 5'7" and feel squished in the bathroom, and by standing in the shower area, this would not work for us at all. I also would much rather have bunk beds in the 2nd lounge area to make it ideal for guests. However, I also agree that the lack of seat belts would be an issue, specially if we plan on traveling with our nieces and nephew. 🤔 ….overall, cool features, but impractical for our needs. Thank you again.

  7. Owen Craig
    Owen Craig says:

    1) absolutely love your quality B/B+ reviews, & and largely agree with your observations regarding Unity FX
    2) We are 40-something’s having recently full timed for 4.5 months (30,000km) in LTV Unity FX We have the following observations:
    -fantastic layout, most living space of any Class B+
    -flared sides + slide out provide maximum space in B+ van great for longer trips, no tow vehicle required
    -can relax in rear lounge read/watch tv while kitchen/bed in use (bed stays made)
    -unique multi position bathroom door allows space to be used by the bathroom OR the rear lounge
    -pantry is class leading and doubles as privacy screen for rear lounge/dressing area
    -front lounge flexibility is simple & great, and well worth it. Cushions for additional dinners are stored under the dinner seats (NOT in rear lounge). Only 15 seconds to set up. Execution could be better
    -drybath great for full timing
    -Truma Aqua go comfort plus wonderful
    -removable macerator SUPER convenient
    -loads of under chassis storage eg, Webber Q BBQ, scuba gear, campsite gear, anything you want really
    -electrical systems: are old school! For the price expect lithium upgrade, multiplex wiring, c/w touch screen control, 2000w pure sine inverter charger, 2nd alternator, etc
    -optional solar panel install has 30’ of wire behind below averag3 solar controller!! Line loss huge! Rewire over to doorway with better solar controller after purchase
    -not sure what demographic needs (2) TVs in 24’ van…go for full wardrobe option instead
    -2018 bathroom door design does not stay put underway with loaded door storage, had to shim door when departing, new 2019 door solves this BUT removes much needed bathroom storage.
    -rear lounge: ottoman not functional as desk, hardware does not allow for sufficient leg space. This is really for a 2nd person to put feet up in rear lounge. More elegant design would be to delete this for a custom jack knife extension of the rear lounge into larger sleeping area.
    -front lounge: does not include additional seatbelts. This could easily have been engineered into the design, and increased flexibility.
    -arm rest support/operation hardware awful! This needs completely different hardware
    -made in Canada & there are no 4 season options! Eg, heated tanks, enhanced insulation, double acrylic windows, etc.
    great for a 3-season full-timing couple downsizing from Class A, who does not need latest electrical frills, either driving every 3days, or on shore power

  8. Gilbert Reynolds
    Gilbert Reynolds says:

    Thanks for giving an up close look at this unit. I am a tall person at 6’4” and it is good to see the true dimensions of the interior with someone of your height. Especially the toilet area. Would love to see a review of a Thor Vegas.

  9. Falcon Trek
    Falcon Trek says:

    I’d like eliminating the rear seat and make a larger shower/toilet. I’m ok with the Murphy bed, but I’d probably sleep on the lounge as it’s just me and my tiny Yorkie. I’m better it’s over $100k too. Yeah I’m going towards a class c.


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