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Somewhere in Alaska, a few subscribers suggested that we get the Ford F450. Then the joke was made, if Marc gets the F450 then Trish gets a dog… it was fun to keep the joke alive, but it proves that what we think about most shows up in our life. 

The 2019 Ford F450 is our dream truck. The wide track front axle not only provides a tighter turning radius but gives the truck an aggressive look and balances the wide backend. This episode was a lot of fun to share, but we’re even more excited about what we’re going to learn that we can pass onto you. Join us in the next episode to see what monster this F450 will be pulling! 

We mentioned in the last episode the idea of changing rigs more often, possibly even per season if it’s sustainable. With the boys getting bigger and Carson going off to school in August, this is our window to go big. Plus, our Season 7 route is mostly Interstate driving with few National Parks. 

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29 replies
  1. Keep Your Daydream
    Keep Your Daydream says:

    We mentioned our first aid kit in this video https://amzn.to/2EOvFQn

    There were a few other comments in the video that were edited out due to time that I'm able to include here.

    We intentionally keep our first aid kit in the truck. If we had a motorized RV with a towable vehicle, we'd keep it in the tow vehicle. The point being is… our truck is always with us and our trailer is not.

    Last summer Caleb was microwaving hot teriyaki sauce in a plastic bowl. As he was removing the bowl from the microwave, he flinched from the hot bowl spilling the sauce on his hand. It resulted in a third-degree burn (and excuse the graphic description), his skin melted off his hand. I quickly went to the truck to see if there was burn treatment in the kit listed above and sure enough there was a burn gel pad. We applied it within seconds and then went to the emergency room. One month later there was no scare to be seen. Even our doctor was impressed with how it healed and complimented our quick action and having the right treatment on hand. Had this happened in Alaska, there would be no emergency room for hundreds of miles.

    As stated in the video, the chances of coming across a traveling nurse, EMT or medical profession is very likely. It's important to have the tools they need to help you. Yes, this first responders kit is more than average, but it's an essential item in our RV gear. If you don't buy this one, take the time to evaluate your first aid kit and purchase the missing items.

  2. Me Here
    Me Here says:

    (10:40) I cannot do that U-Turn in my 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LT, 4×4, extended cab, long bed. We need that same camera setup on our 5th wheels, toy haulers and larger rigs. We that 2,787 on the calculator the monthly payment? LOL

  3. The Traveler
    The Traveler says:

    I know it's a privilege to be able to buy a brand new car from a dealership, but i wish they would do something about how long it takes to get through the process. I've been at a dealership almost 5 to 6 hrs on a straight forward deal !! Even a mortgage closing doesn't take as long !! 🙂

  4. Clint the Audio Guy
    Clint the Audio Guy says:

    Buying cars is brutal. Probably my least favorite thing in life, haha. The salespeople act like you should be all excited, and want you to make an emotional decision. If they only knew, I can never do that, because I despise the process so much. THat said, I test drove a RAM 3500 dually with the Cummins last night, and it's supposed to be the smoothest riding of all of the big trucks, and it still made my bad back hurt.

  5. Crazy Marty.
    Crazy Marty. says:

    Now when you get stopped in California the Highway Patrol they can give you a ticket telling you that you need a CDL along with a DOT number and commercial insurance. Welcome to trucking. All because your weight is now over the 25,000 CGW. They do not care what what state you got a license in, They just want money.

  6. derrick clemons
    derrick clemons says:

    Great Video, subscribed. I'm always surprised by people that think the F450 ride is harsh. My buddy has an F450 with 24 inch wheels. I've driven it 4 hours from LA to Lake Havasu (and back) pulling a 42ft Fountain speedboat. It was incredibly comfortable and I almost forgot the boat was back there…

  7. SteveTheFlyer
    SteveTheFlyer says:

    I have 2017 F350 King Ranch Diesel rated 21,500 gooseneck towing. Love it love it. Rides very nice too. Paid $56k with 60k miles. When doing a video make sure not to tell how much you pay for what the whole video is about. Still love your videos.

  8. Brad McManis
    Brad McManis says:

    You'll enjoy your F450 I also have 1 2013 and I'm also in AZ I love my truck Yes the ride is crappie with No weight but the towing capacity is night day difference from the F350 mine is all cab and chassis I have factory 2 fuel tanks and a flatbed Also mine is 4wd but doesnt look it I strictly use mine for PLAY Gteat videos keep up good work

  9. Darryl Hill
    Darryl Hill says:

    Wasnt able to look through all 1K comments – really interested in the "Handles" you installed into your bed – what are those and where could i find them – looking for more hook up points on my rig….

  10. Hoss
    Hoss says:

    Great video, but, WoW… 7+ hours negotiating a deal for a new truck. That's why my wife won't go inside the dealership. She'll look and test drive, but she hates car salesmen. So we drive through and look when they're closed, then I come pick up one drive, then go back and haggle… See ya

  11. Monroe50
    Monroe50 says:

    Should have came to Akins Ford in Winder Ga. they had 61 F450s in stock! They are just east of Atlanta. The largest truck dealership in this area. They were listing your truck for $71,000.


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