2018 Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Class B Motorhome @ Camp-Out RV in Stratford


2018 Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Class B Motorhome. Dodge Promaster 3500 chassis. 3.6L V6 Gas engine. Now in stock @ Camp-Out RV in Stratford.


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  1. hayesman76
    hayesman76 says:

    As someone else has mentioned, the location of the propane tank, exposed inches above the pavement, is TERRIBLE! For a unit such as this they should’ve abandoned propane altogether and went with induction or even solely a convection microwave.

  2. Charles Walliburton
    Charles Walliburton says:

    Id love to have one of these in the UK but with a proper manual stick shift. Nobody here drives a van with an automatic shifter. People would laugh their heads off at you, calling you a girl !!! Proper men always drive a manual.

  3. Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy says:

    The bed area is not a well-laid out plan. A waste of space for only the bed. This could've been a sitting area/comfortable sofa area easily converted into a bed. Also, that sitting area right behind the driver and the passenger seats should've been more flexible to be able to convert into a single bed. Another wasted area not utilized to its full potential.

  4. Loretta Tay!or
    Loretta Tay!or says:

    $104,000.00 wow. as much as a house. however, a house on wheels. o.k, weird question, where does the water drain from the let down sink in the bath? does it run out & down in the back of it, or what? is there a drain to catch it? didn't understand the concept. but very nice anyway.

  5. Loretta Tay!or
    Loretta Tay!or says:

    still an air gap between the screen and the window at the front. need a fill in with insulation in the winter, or something to go over the inside part of the metal screen to keep the cold air out. maybe a homemade piece to fill in.

  6. BADGUY 1
    BADGUY 1 says:

    I LOVE my Roadtrek Zion..also on a Ram Chassis. Very similar to this vehicle. I've used it to move furniture and lumber MANY times. I also have shipped my two Kayaks in the center aisle.

    What I LIKE about this vehicle:
    – The two seats behind the driver's seat. Makes for a smoother ride for the passengers AND see out the front.
    – The cassette toilet since I don't have to look for a drop station.
    – The overhead skylight.
    – Bathroom better than Zion
    – Beds are almost a conventional bed you'd have at home. And no seams.
    – The side windows open out rather than slide. Better if rain.
    – LIKE the pull down screen in the back and on the side door. Easier than having to zip on on.
    – More storage under the bed than on the Zion.

    What I DON'T like about this vehicle:
    – The upright bed extension inconvenient when shipping boxes in the back. Must be dropped.
    – The spare tire on the behind the left side rear door. I have to open BOTH doors often. Pain to lower spare.
    – The spare tire support tends to rust easily and has to be repainted often.
    – The back side windows are not as large as on my Zion.
    – I'd like to be able to sit more people in back, like on the Zion. But obviously can't because no seat belts.
    – MSRP 10K more than the Zion.

  7. The exploring photographer - Jacques le Roux
    The exploring photographer - Jacques le Roux says:

    All looks great EXCEPT the bed. They should have made that 2 couches (and maybe a table) that change into a bed, only downside of this van design and actually a pretty poor use of space at the back end. That could have been a great place to entertain with a open doors looking out onto a beautiful view.

  8. Beverly Krenz
    Beverly Krenz says:

    Had one but traded it off. The bed is too high to be able to get into without using a little step stool, especially for an older person like me. it has several usb ports by the table, bed, in front, etc so that part was very nice. loved the front chairs swivel so makes it easy to get out. Great for boondocking with the solar panels. Didn't need to use the built in generator.


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