2017 Roadtrek 210 Popular | Class B | Gas Motorhome – RV Review

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This ever popular class B is great! With an outside compartment larger enough for a golf bag and the reconstructed fiberglass exterior, this coach has great room and is on the easy to maintain Chevy chassis! Join Camping World Product Specialist, Ian Baker, as he reviews all the features and amenities this unit has to offer. Please comment with any questions or feedback you may have, or visit the link below to see pricing and availability on this model and over 20,000 RVs nationwide! Like the video? Subscribe to our channel for the latest in all things RV.


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50 replies
  1. KWatt-Engineer
    KWatt-Engineer says:

    As a former owner of a Roadtrek 210 I would like to share the reasons we sold our RT 210. The RT is a wide body van conversion which allows for the best interior layout for a van conversion. Interior storage space is well designed Even so, the Wet bath requires one to be a contortionist to use the shower within the closed door space. Also, the passage between the bath/shower and galley is very congested . this is notable because the layout encourages traffic between front and rear where slipping by your companion is tight. Now for negatives, the low profile AC interferes with headroom when using the rear couch /bed . You can expect to hit your head on the AC periodically when using this area. RT likes to point out that the AC is under the roof line which lowers the RV height. This looks good in the drive way but adds nothing on the road. RT lowers the floor in the van in search of keeping the profile as low as possible. One down side of this is reduced ground clearance. The low profile necessitates the use of a macerator discharge for the holding tanks. When ( not if the macerator fails ) there is no provision to properly dump the holding tanks. you can unscrew a cap and let the contents pour out on the ground. OK, these are some negatives about the RT but are not the reason we purchased a different class B plus RV. The main problem we could not overcome is that the chassis on the 210 is overloaded. We replaced the shocks with heavy duty after market shocks which improved suspension control greatly. The RT would develop a decided lean to one side with full water tanks. carrying water is a must for dry camping. At highway speeds the overloaded springs negatively affect directional stability. based on our experiences with the RT we began our search for a replacement RV that would address the short comings of the RT. The criteria included similar size for maneuverability and foremost a suspension adequate for the load. A bonus would be elimination of the macerator and a standup shower. After a long search we settled on a Coach House 220TB The pros are strong rugged chassis Ford E450super duty with dual rear wheels, a full shower and extra fuel cpapacity 50 gallons. The downsides are higher fuel consumption and less outside storage When the RT has the outside spare option . The major plus is the greatly improved drivability of the CH. It is a much more relaxed drive due to improved road control. We are addressing the outside storage by adding a hitch receiver mounted locker. Just my two cents based on our experiences . Both RVs are similar quality machines with differing characteristics.

  2. Don't Be a Fishwife
    Don't Be a Fishwife says:

    Nice presentation. Have watched a few for Roadtrek and yours was one of the most thorough. You even sat on the toilet I have been wanting to get a better idea of that since it seemed so tight. Thanks! BTW Super handsome guy!

  3. dodger5520
    dodger5520 says:

    this is almost perfect for me the problem is the bathroom sink its useless tbh. remove that and there will be more space ..idk but us likely wont use it. and they should make the headroom at least 6.1 or 6.2 ft. good looking all in all. kitchen is fine. but the way front dinnin is a bit wierd tho. only 2 things. but this is almost perfect for me. the engine generator is smart. real smart . 8/10 on my view

  4. Aurora Nite
    Aurora Nite says:

    Ian you give a great tour of Roadtrek's amenities. Few requests can add to info for viewer. If you show some Trek's with curtains up to capture how open the coach feels, mention upgrade options on models you show i.e., is maserater standard equipment on all models, the tank size capacities for gray and black, height, width, lengths. Tks


    Nobody ever illustrates how to put the bedding on the bed. I own a class C with single beds and it is nearly impossible to put fitted sheets on the bed as the closeness of the beds prohibits the sheets from being put on without popping off. This is a HUGE problem!

  6. johnniee
    johnniee says:

    Hi American RV-

    The better half (wife /accountant/manager) and I are close to retiring. We need a nice RV to tour the USA, where ever the vehicle takes us.

    We like the 210 very much, but do not need the 3rd seat in the front.

    Is it possible to replace the 3rd seat with the armour, or does this need to be special ordered when we order the 210?

    Appreciate any help you can give….

  7. Jaswars
    Jaswars says:

    Ian did a great job but boy ohhh boy does this van need help…They should have incorporated a cassette toilet set-up with this style of van. Much cleaner and much more efficient. The window blinds are ridiculous as well. ohh boy I could go on and on starting with the poorly designed kitchen. Thumbs down, although it is a good looking van, they have along way to go until this type of American made RV can even compete with the engineering design and set-ups that the European RV manufacturers have accomplished and incorporated into their models. They needed Capt Hindsight bigtime before this thing was manufactured!

  8. Dan Bresler
    Dan Bresler says:

    Can you still get the generator along with the under-hood generator? Also, is the passenger seat middle row captains chair removable and a cabinet to replace it with for extra storage? Thanks.


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