2005 King of the Road 40RS Used Huge Fifth Wheel RV

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11 replies
  1. J Dice
    J Dice says:

    Love the bedroom storage of the older models, and the mirrors that close over the window to create a vanity and block crack of dawn sun is genius! I don't think you mentioned if the vanity stool has storage. It looks as if it may be like an ottoman with storage. Is it?

  2. Tracy F.
    Tracy F. says:

    Ah, vanity in bedroom! Close the mirror and turn on the light above, and the lady of the house can do her makeup and hair! Does have some sweet features and very ahead of its time!

  3. lisa marie7
    lisa marie7 says:

    That's a beauty of a floor plan! 2005 seems crazy! Ok the wallpaper might be a bit aged but overall it outshines many of the latest ones. It seems huge. And that little deck is clever too. Just a personal preference but having the washer dryer space in the bathroom closet like this or in a mid bunk, rather than guests needed access to your bedroom day and night. But I know a lot of people aren't interested in washer dryers tbf and not necessarily going to have guests all the time or often.


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