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We stopped in to see our dear friends Ben and Karen, and the most amazing bus conversion ever!

Ben Willmore is known for his amazing Photoshop skills and experience – and has been on the road full time since 2006 working remotely as a photography and digital mastery instructor. He was the first fellow ‘technomad’ we met in our travels in 2008, and we’ve enjoyed converging with Ben & Karen across the country over the years.

He purchased this Flxible bus in 2009 and. just got the conversion done in late 2017 after many trials and tribulations. His research on vintage coaches inspired us to purchase our 1961 GM 4106 conversion in 2011. But his is officially waaaaaay cooler than ours 🙂

Follow the history of this bus:

Follow the projects of this bus:

Check out Creative Cruiser’s newest feature – voice automation!

For Ben’s Digital Mastery Photoshop site:

See their old Ramblings Interview from 2010:

Induction Boiling Water Video:


Cherie & Chris have been full time technomads since 2006. In the winter we explore land in our 1961 GM 4106 bus conversion. In the spring/summer we move aboard our 1999 Bayliner 4788 slowly exploring America’s waterways along the Great Loop.

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  1. Ben Willmore
    Ben Willmore says:

    Tonight (August 7th, 2019) at 9pm Eastern, the bus featured in this video (and its owners) will appear on the Keep on Truckin' episode of Extreme RVs on the Great American Country channel.

  2. HankHill757
    HankHill757 says:

    Beautiful, beautiful restoration and conversion!! Personally I wouldn’t have everything electronic, but he has the knowledge to troubleshoot and maintain it. Absolutely gorgeous rv! Classic with a modern drivetrain and interior.

  3. Steve Cieri
    Steve Cieri says:

    You didn't exaggerate when you said this is the most amazing bus conversion. Just superbly done from every aspect. The interior and exterior finishes, the allocation of space, the tankage, the engine and transmission, and the technology. Wow, just WOW!

  4. Macon Richardson
    Macon Richardson says:

    That is GOREGOUS. I think this is one example of where RV parks screw themselves over. We are getting more and more parks that will not allow "older" coaches on their property. Are you telling me that you would NOT allow this beautiful work of art in your park because its vintage?? While I agree, I don't want to park for a week next to POS campers, age should not be a factor. I could sit and look at this beauty for a week ! SMARTEN UP COACH PARKS !

  5. Terry Ruf
    Terry Ruf says:

    I had a 1949 airporter that I got from my dad(who bought it in 1960 & repowered with a V8 Cummins in 1970). Growing up & traveling around country in that bus was some very fond memories. I have since sold the bus & regret it every time I see one as nice as yours.

  6. Reeble Snarfle
    Reeble Snarfle says:

    This conversion is just simply faaaaaabulous! The paint is to fricking DIE for! All the high tech made my head hurt! (Microwave, I guess. Lol) The layout was stellar! The wood, absolutely beaugorgeous! Brilliant cubbyhole storage! Very innovative! The tech and frugality issues matched the physical beauty of the thing. Two of my favorite colors, chocolate and almost creamy vanilla. Chrome wheels and trim nice touch, along with electric levelingjacks! Cameras essential I imagine, driving a land yatch, avec trailer! Awnings & lights nice touch. Again, all the hi-tech made my head hurt! What do you do when you have atmospheric issues, and Wi-Fi is fried?
    Beautiful over all & complete job, and can SEE why it would take 8 years!
    I don't usually go on and rant, but this was an extraordinary job! FIRST CLASS!!!
    Thanks for sharing and letting others see the rig, even though smaller than the last bohemoth, very tasty and we'll paid out! Besides, I like antiques myself. For the last 20 years, I've driven a 91 Ford Ranger XLT 4CYL, 8 PLUG, 5SPD, GREAT mileage, and then a head gasket issue. (Sigh- like I don't have enough in it!) Now driving 17yo Ford F150 Crew. Ranger still in the driveway. An old friend!
    God bless, and have an enjoyable time, and trip!

  7. Carmen Nooner
    Carmen Nooner says:

    I am tech challenged so this bus would need a permanent home if I owned it. I would have to ditch the back to back computers and have a real dining table. Love all of the creative storage built into the bus too. It's no wonder it took so long to complete. This will definitely be easy to sell, since this generation is so tech oriented. I'm still trying to figure out my cell phone!


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