1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter – RV install

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This video explains my install of a 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter into my Keystone Cougar 276RLSWE Fifthwheel RV Trailer – for more check out my blog http://www.loveyourrv.com/1000w-pure-sine-wave-inverter/

NEW! – see updated indepth video for this inverter install – https://youtu.be/yV2xJiHSbfU

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31 replies
  1. BVRCGeoff
    BVRCGeoff says:

    Do not use a coated Tech cable (black cable on secondary side of inverter) This will emit poison gases if it catches fire, you could have used not coated cable for this application

  2. Rob Mateer
    Rob Mateer says:

    Ray, love the videos! My question on this one is … if you have the 12 volt battery separated from the other battery bank (to keep it full for the slides and jack, etc) how does it charge? Does it only charge when you are on shore power?

  3. Maximus
    Maximus says:

    Basically a show and tell video. All potatoes no meat. Nothing about actually hooking into the system and what to be careful of. One mention about a plug in the RV. CanI hook it into the rest of the plugs in the RV. Like I said just pretty pictures.

  4. Matt Carrasquillo
    Matt Carrasquillo says:

    Have you thought about doing a solar panel system on your RV? I'm doing something similar to you but I'm adding a control panel and Solar panels into the mix. I'd like to see a how to video if you have one of that.

  5. jojo DaCosta
    jojo DaCosta says:

    That is one Mickey Mouse set up, why not wire from the inverter into your RV's Circuit board where all the fuses are at so it can power all your 12 volt receptacles not that Mickey Mouse Hospital receptacles with a cord pluged into it from your inverter? Good way of burning out your power inverter. Most Professionals would wire it direct to there main power source. I hope you get to watch how to properly wire this.

  6. Love Your RV
    Love Your RV says:

    Jamey Matheny I think you misunderstand the install. The black cord plugged in is from a computer. The red outlet is the end of a single armored waterproof electric cable plugged into the inverter and hard wired in to the outlet. Basically it is like plugging an extension cord into an inverter, except I used a beefier cable and added the hospital outlet instead of a regular extension cord end. The inverter is isolated from any other RV plug

  7. Jeff Jimerson
    Jeff Jimerson says:

    Hi Ray, thanks for the great video. I may have missed something, so maybe you can help me. I just bought a 2002 Cougar fifth wheel with two brand new 6v batteries and a 2000W inverter pre-installed. I will be adding two more 6v batteries and installing four 100W solar panels to the roof. I understand how power gets to the batteries and inverter from the solar panels, but I don't understand how power moves from the inverter into the RV. I want to easily (relatively) switch from shore power to solar power frequently during a 3-month road trip with my wife and kids. (We'll be parked half time at camp grounds with shore power, and half time boondocking.) My question is, can/should I plug my RV's shore power cord into the inverter? If so, would a dog bone going from 20A (inverter receptacle) to 30A (shore power cord) be safe? Also, is there any chance I could damage the RVs converter if doing this? Thanks for your help!

  8. boatbuilder1
    boatbuilder1 says:

    Ray, Since you have had this 1000 watt inverter for a couple of years now have you ever wished you had got a 1500 watt one instead? I am debating the1000 watt or 1500 watt. I won't be running the Air or the Micro but my coffee maker is 1200 watts but I could buy a lower wattage coffee maker but then that takes up space. Only other thing I would be powering is the TV/Dish/CD Player.

  9. rts
    rts says:

    1000 watt inverter seems like a lot just run a mac, TV and some plug in electronics. Wouldn't a 300 or 400 watt solid state inverter be more efficient, not to mention quieter with less parts to go bad? Just wondering.

  10. Love Your RV
    Love Your RV says:

    Should work, the solar panel will charge the batteries up through the 30 amp charge controller then the batteries will power the Inverter. Only thing is you need enough sun to replenish what you'll use. On mine it's in a trailer and I can charge my batteries by plugging the trailer into mains power, generator power or the tow vehicle and running the truck engine.

    The inverter I have doesn't charge the batteries through mains power, I have a separate unit in the trailer called a converter.

  11. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Pls help!!!!!!!! does this inverter charge batteries with availability of mains supply. Am trying to build a mobile solar panel charged inverter system with the Cobra CP1575 1500w inverter, 2 100AH deep cycle batteries, 2 144w solar panels with a 30Amp controller to power a small cabin with a few light bulbs, some chargers mobile phones n a computer, a standing fan and possibly a printer. Will my config work??????? pls

  12. Ray Burr
    Ray Burr says:

    He never answered my questions, we can't say for sure the inverter is the problem, he could be using tiny wires or weak batteries or have crappy connections. Mine works fine and has fulltime for 2 years solid now.

  13. Ray Burr
    Ray Burr says:

    Works great. Although I rarely need to get get more than a few hundred watts at a time. We use it mainly to give nice clean power to my wife's Imac and run the LCD TV at night, plus charge up our gadgets. Anything high power I use generator power.

    Not sure of your battery AH rating. My 2 six volt golf cart batteries is 225AH, to run your 1750W inverter I would want to go with 4 of them for over 400AH. You may have not enough battery power. Also you need large gauge wires and not to long.


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