$1 Million RV and first day at the Tampa RV Supershow! [2020 Foretravel Realm Presidential]

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The day has arrived and we are finally at the RV Supershow in Tampa! This is one of our favorite shows and we will be here all week!

There are some amazing rigs here, but today we take a quick peek at something truly special…the 2020 Realm Presidential by Foretravel!


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20 replies
  1. Jurgen's Journeys
    Jurgen's Journeys says:

    Oh myyyyyy! What a bus! Maybe the Hippie will let me ride when he gets his 1ooo friends and buys one of those, lol I promise to wipe my feet and leave the Bear outside. Cool robot, and who was that bald guy …?

  2. Ole, Lena and the RV
    Ole, Lena and the RV says:

    WOW! You started to say hot tub but switched to steam bath. Does that mean there is a hot tub? LOL 😂
    I’m glad you are putting up videos. I would be freaked out by the crowds 😖 and the noise 🙉
    Have fun!


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