Walk through of Airstram Atlas


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  1. Gene D.
    Gene D. says:

    Beautiful coach but then I have always been an Airstream fan. But for about the same money we purchased our new 2018 Newmar LE 3709 which appears to deliver a lot more coach for the money. But if we were in the market for a small class B that would be at the top of the list. Kinda like the Liberty coach of class B's

  2. Just Traveling
    Just Traveling says:

    It's ugly (to me) and over priced. Aside from that, it's too big, the point of a class B is to be small enough to park (or what it the purpose?). Obviously a lot of people have a lot of money. More than they can spend sensibly. My next door neighbor is like that, so I see examples every day. Some day we will regain a sense of value.

  3. Stan O
    Stan O says:

    15 mpg?? I get 11 on my 39’ National Tradewinds and Much more comfortable for us and like new for under 45k. Don’t see many complaints from Airstream owners on defects and quality issues. Nice rig but oh so expensive.

  4. Kevin Henry
    Kevin Henry says:

    Yeah it’s nice but not for that price, when are RV manufacture is going to realize they reached the ceiling and people are going to say no thank you , that’s too much. But people keep buying them and never really paying them off, kind a like leasing. I live in the real world. I remember buying my 2013 Mercedes class B, and I thought 89,000 was overpriced, well guess what they keep going up in price and

  5. Ian
    Ian says:

    Nice, yes, overpriced, absolutely. Lose the Mercedes logo and get the dodge logo instead (same vehicle) and get about $50K less. Also, indoor outdoor carpet? Carpet in the cabinets? Why not some high end anti slip foam rubber type material. Also the box is made separate and put on the chassis. Just saying. You pay way too much when it's hot a mercedes logo on it and it's the same as a dodge
    Nice though.
    Stay safe

  6. Ger Ger
    Ger Ger says:

    Do not like that Murphy bed at all very clumsy. I don't like the rear bathroom either, there's no viewing out the rear of the motor home. I would rather have a center bath or a front bath, and then have the bedroom in the back so you can look around at the panoramic views out the rear are the class B. I do like the color combination on the outside, it's very subdued, and it would almost look like a Transit bus parked in a parking lot. I think after while looking at that big shower would get kind of old looking.

  7. Ari Onassis-Sugen
    Ari Onassis-Sugen says:

    that's in the ball park of AdvanceRV..which makes a superior product…. and there is Leisure-travel and Pleasureway to consider as well… for less money but a product that could match this one..


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