🚨🚨 RV Sales Down 🚨🚨


⛔This is another setback for RV dealers !


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  1. James Deegan
    James Deegan says:

    aren't RV sales going to go higher in a time where the economy Is bad? if I need somewhere to live or I was wanting to save rent money I would live in a RV instead of renting/buying that or sell my home and buy a secand hand RV, why would the price of RV's go down?

    ( also I heard you where on a diet, I work in a Café and we made chick-pea juice chocolate moose which is also low caleries and you could have one even if you where on a diet so I thought I might link a recipe to you for it as its a nice desert and wouldn't add any caleries if you wanted a desert )


  2. Oana Irani
    Oana Irani says:

    Mike, the big thing now is vanlife, more and more people buy vans, they insulate them, put in kitchen and shower, solar batteries ans panels on the roof, and they live in full time. It's a big community of vanlifers in Vancouvet and BC. They look amazing. People just dont wanna pay high rents anymore.
    Just look up vanlife on YouTube, there are thousands of videos.

  3. Graham Miles
    Graham Miles says:

    Mike, what can I say. You definitely have one of the top shows on the internet and I'm very grateful. It's a shame that we have gone from buying a house with a little bit of land to hopefully survive in a micro house. Now we've gone down to living in a trailer. The West just like your app is coming apart. There was a time when money had a purpose but not anymore. Keep up the great job my friend because I watch your videos everyday. Cheers bud

  4. Andy
    Andy says:

    I would recommend a 1 minute talk about your fasting program, like an update. I notice you yawn a lot in your videos, are you getting enough sleep?

  5. Andy
    Andy says:

    I just sold my 4 year old Forest River Wolfpack 27’ toy hauler. I owned it for 2 years. ABSOLUTE JUNK. I will never buy another modern RV, they are total crap. Never again.

  6. GalactixPirate
    GalactixPirate says:

    Go on Craigslist like Los Angeles or other areas and I've noticed those Dodge Vans and MC/Chevy Mid Size Vans are selling like Hot potato and/or preserving their value or its picking up.Even if it's from the late 90's and 2000's they are not cheap,cheap like you might think and some have more value of they are Conversion high top van and I noticed why..Mechanically speaking its expensive to own and repair an R.V. like a Tioga,Winnebago or Southwind models which are cheap to buy,but a lot of times have so many issued come up.Also,when it breaks down on you IT'S EXPENSIVE TO TOW THIS THING.Towing companies know they got you and charge an arm and leg $$$ at a Commercial price to Tow it away..I owned one and i learned from experience of few emergencies and incidents that came about.Also the registration tags were pricey consider commercial vehicle.

    Now, a Mid Size Van a lot of times gets away with it, because its not considered Commercial Vehicle and any Tow Truck could tow it away at standard vehicle rate.Also it's not high enough,nor long enough;so it don't qualify as an R.V. and you could park it in any residential street and keep it low- profile and you won't have problems nor get citations..
    The CONS of owning or dwelling in a Van is that you will crouch to move around because it's low top.So that's why many people convert the van and add the High Top so they could move around comfortably.No Kitchen,No toilet sometimes and not enough room space-just enough to sleep in some storage area.


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