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We arrived in the Sedona area the first week in April 2019. This was Chad’s first time here and Tara hadn’t been to Sedona in over 20 years, so we were pretty excited.

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We decided to stay a little outside of Sedona, so we could be closer to Jerome and also because it was a little less expensive to stay outside of the main touristy areas.
We stayed in Camp Verde at Verde River RV Resort. We were hesitant to book this park at first because the reviews weren’t the greatest. After looking into it a bit more, we found out that the park was under new management. We decided to give this place a try and are pleased with our decision. The sites were large and the park had some amenities like a pool, putt-putt, and dog parks. The staff was also very friendly and helpful.

We were very excited to explore this beautiful area on Lucille, our 2017 Indian Roadmaster.

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32 replies
  1. Larry Garot
    Larry Garot says:

    Thanks for doing this one and of course all the others.

    We leave Reno on 10/16/2019 in our 5ver heading to our winter home near Arizona City.

    Our 2nd stop, 10/18/2019 is at Verde River RV Resort and Cottages where we meet up with friends (a couple) and stay 2 weeks before heading further South.

    Your video was awesome and gives us some 'pointers' where to visit.

    Safe travel and keep the vids coming.

  2. Thomas Boswell
    Thomas Boswell says:

    Off subject question. In the video you shared with the RV Odd Couple you mentioned you often go with full hookups. Since they usually require reservations how far ahead do you plan and make those reservations. Do you belong to any groups like Thousand Trails or others? Thanks in advance. I enjoy your videos.

  3. Johnny Lightning
    Johnny Lightning says:

    Very pretty country, I'll be there in the next year or two, if my wife doesn't kill me first for making her spend another winter in Michigan. Do you think that a full sized pick up could make it down those trails you were on in the Jeep? I know my bike won't make it. Keep those great videos coming.

  4. Kimberly Panfil
    Kimberly Panfil says:

    In jEROME, VAQUERO'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT is the BEST Mexican food in America. They grow all their own herbs and spices. They make a FRESH Watermelon Lime Margarita that is fantastic. DELICIOUS FOOD AND DRINKS!!!…. I love the family who owns this place. They opened 2nd restaurant in Cottonwood, under a different name. In Sedona AZ MARIPOSA is the BEST Place to eat and greatest views, owned by Lisa Dahl. Now she opened Butterfly Burger.

  5. alaskangal82
    alaskangal82 says:

    Beautiful drives without a doubt. We will probably be doing AZ and NM in Jan and know we won't get to see a lot of their pretty areas that first go through.

    Great edits, music choices, cutaways etc. I have always liked your videos but I see all that time you're putting in and the year on the road giving you more skill with the editing. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Rick S.
    Rick S. says:

    HEY guys !! I watched this new video before work, and I watched again in the evening … LOVE LOVE LOVE Sedona, AZ ….. It IS "magical in all it's natural beauty !!!!!
    AWESOME job on the video footage, … "Thank you" for posting such great, quality, footage for us all !! Be SAFE out on the road folks !!!

  7. Pat
    Pat says:

    Sedona is Awesome, We were their last March, those Pink Jeeps are everywhere, that first road was schnebly hill, we camped up the top of that road in the forest and drove down into Sedona each day. We were driving our RZR's and we came up to a lot of Pink Jeeps, there is no comparison between the suspension of a RZR and a jeep. They were getting beat to death and we were drinking our cokes. Broken Arrow was a blast! We are heading back there next month to do some more off roading.

  8. Michael M
    Michael M says:

    Wow! I love it when you take us out on the motorcycle with ya but riding around Sedona; just… WOW! I grew up on motorcycles; first mode of transportation (besides the bicycle) was my KE100 back when I was fifteen. I later bought a used YZ250 to ride (we did a lot of trail riding when we would go camping up in the mountains in Ruidoso near Lake Bonita). Street ride was a KZ400 when I was eighteen so yeah, I'm kind of missing the motorcycle right now. ESPECIALLY while watching this footage you two took while on the bike around Jerome and Sedona. BTW, I know it was a cold ride but I'm so thankful to you both for making that second ride to get the footage. Thanks for pointing out that about the bug. I keep going back and forth between getting an Indian or just hauling around a Honda TT500 (because it's great for off-trail and is also road legal) but I think it's going to be the Indian that wins out. Simply because I'm an old fart and I can't see myself riding off-trail as much as when I was a youngsta'! hahahah. (Still thinking about an Indian trike.) This was a great video! Thanks for sharing. Safe travels, y'all! -M

  9. Denise Barnes
    Denise Barnes says:

    This video brought back such great memories of a trip to Sedona my Mom and I took years ago before she passed. Tlaquepaque means "the best of everything" and that was the theme of our trip. Pictures or video really don't capture the beauty of that place.

  10. Tyrel Sackett
    Tyrel Sackett says:

    Hey guys, I can't say thank you enough for this particular video, as it brought back so many pleasant memories of my motorcycle trips (more than 50) along 89a from Flag to Prescott Valley where my father lived. The one part of it that road you appeared to have missed is actually the best. That would be from Sedona up through Oak Creek Canyon to the rest area at the top. But then that means you can go back in the future and give it a shot, just don't take the Momentum down through as it will definitely raise the "pucker-power" 110 fold. Anyway, as Bob Hope you to say…"Thanks for the memories." Be safe, have fun, & happy camping. v/r, TS Denver, CO

  11. Keep On Rv'n
    Keep On Rv'n says:

    I camped there with my parents in a truck camper in the early 1970s when there were only a couple abandoned buildings just starting to be occupied by hippie artists. The hotel then was entirely empty then because no one dared stay inside overnight. We visited often for several years until it became very touristy. Great video guys! Can't wait to go again, haven't been to Jerome since 1979! It will be fun to share photos from the 70s to how it looks when we visit again.

  12. DS
    DS says:

    You guys always have great videos and show many interesting places that I would love to visit. The best part in all of your videos is…….you guys are fun to watch! Keep on keepn' on and have fun as always it looks like.

  13. James Palmer
    James Palmer says:

    So many great comments I don't know how I can add to them. Love the longer videos, your cutaways discussing what is going on along with the narration you do. Wish I could give you more than one thumbs up.


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