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You know we LOVE using Harvest Hosts for overnight stays… In this video, we check out the GOLF side of Harvest Hosts!
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In our journeys our West this summer, we had the opportunity to try two Harvest Hosts Golf locations: University of Montana Golf, and Eaglerock Golf Course!

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✅✅ University of Montana Golf: http://www.umt.edu/crec/Golf/default.php
✅✅ The Iron Griz (American Bistro): https://www.irongriz.com/
✅✅ Eaglerock Golf Course: http://www.eaglerockgolfcourse.com/

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47 replies
  1. Howard
    Howard says:

    Chad–you and I could have a competition on the golf course for "best cost per stroke". Just a warning, though, I usually win. I get many, many swings at the little white (expensive) balls. Yes, I lose a lot of them. A side benefit is get to see a LOT of the golf course. 🙂

  2. Lawrence Constantine
    Lawrence Constantine says:

    Now thats my kind of RV stop I have to play at least 2 times a week or I am miserable here in Ma the average course is about 65 to 70 dollars with a cart it can cost more just depends where you play but I always walk in my 60's and I still carry my bag and sometimes I play 36.

  3. Tyrel Sackett
    Tyrel Sackett says:

    Okay, so a thought just occurred to me…..What is Lucy's favorite location to ride?  That ought to be a good video, especially for those of us who do.    Oh yes, just for the record, mine is in AZ, 89a from Prescott, Valley, through Jerome and Sedona, then up through Oak Creek Canyon.  Did it at least twice a year to visit my father in PV….it NEVER gets old.   Be Safe, Have Fun, & Happy Camping.   v/s TS  Denver, CO     PS – Chad, are you old enough to remember "Road Rider Magazine", that was before they became MCN?

  4. DS
    DS says:

    Good info on Harvest Host's golfing. I have a Harvest Host membership but golf…….I swing a golf club like a baseball bat just much lower 🙁

  5. Focused on the Road
    Focused on the Road says:

    I basically grew up in Billings and played golf several times. Glad you guys liked it. Beautiful state in the summer time. We are currently in Washington State, plan on joining the Full Time RV life at the end of the year! Getting ready for #fulltimeRV . Great video guys! Keep up the good work!

  6. Mike N Christine Whitten
    Mike N Christine Whitten says:

    It's not cheap but you would like Old Works. Really nice layout and the sand traps are black, I believe the sand they use is a byproduct from the copper smelting. It's a Jack Nicklaus designed course. Seriously consider it next time you go that way. Great video!

  7. AnotherMarcOnThePage
    AnotherMarcOnThePage says:

    It is getting so close for us to start our RVing adventure we can taste it. Then you put out a video staying at golf courses. That has been a part of our plan for two years. It made everything tangible. Thanks. We hope to see you out there next year.

  8. Peg White
    Peg White says:

    We got a Harvest Host membership and had really bad luck! We tried to stay in four different locations but could never reach anyone by phone, no call backs to messages left either, and the one time we connected and were told it was okay to show up, we arrived to find a festival going on on the property and couldn’t even get our fifth wheel near their parking area, much less in it! We had to scramble to make other arrangements. I contacted HH, they offered a refund but it’s been a month and they haven’t followed through. We’re less than impressed.

  9. Tim In San Diego
    Tim In San Diego says:

    LOved this one. You know, your channel is so enjoyable that I wish you'd add a few minutes to your videos. Please REMEMBER… the great cheeseburger that awaits you in San Diego when you get here! Happy travels.

  10. Wayne Siminski
    Wayne Siminski says:

    Seems to be rule of thumb, no matter how good of care you take of it, be car, trailer, motorcycle or whatever. It’s gonna get scratched or worse sometime. I hate it cause I really try to keep my stuff as pristine as possible, but have had to have two dents on my truck fixed this year and buff out some marks on the travel trailer. 😠. Thanks for another informative video.

  11. Swallowtail Aerial Imaging Service
    Swallowtail Aerial Imaging Service says:

    Really enjoyed the video. I was actually the golf course superintendent at the U of M golf course back in the mid 70’s, prior to Harvest Host signing on. Chad – watching you play a couple of holes sure brought back some memories. Glad you had a good time and thanks for all the great videos.

  12. Earl Ribaudo
    Earl Ribaudo says:

    Fun video. I love golf, instead of yelling four, I yell eight or nine. Woods and water for me, but, what is so good about the woods is that I will usually find ten, twelve balls, maybe not mine, but hey, who cares, especially when they are big buck balls.

  13. Doug McLean
    Doug McLean says:

    I'm a retired law enforcement officer, and have been working proprietary corporate security for almost 9 years now, and I look forward to downsizing my "sticks-n-bricks" to a large 5th-wheel. I have a son that is a deputy sheriff in central California. Last year he purchased his grandfathers 20-acre citrus ranch (oranges), and I recently told him about the "Harvest Hosts" website. He liked the idea, and is looking into becoming a host. His ranch is located just a 20-minute drive (Southwest) of the Sequoia Redwood National Forest. No other Harvest Hosts are in his area.

  14. Myles Hansel
    Myles Hansel says:

    Great video, if you are ever in the NE Georgia area looking for a golf partner look me up, I haven't played in a few years but would love to chase golf balls around the course with ya.


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